Veterinary Diagnostic Supplies

Diagnostic supplies, including blood tubes, blood bottles, specimen containers, swabs, plastic ware, biohazard bags and slides will be provided free of charge for registered routine users upon request, and with the understanding that these will be used for AML Vet testing only. For non-routine users, diagnostic supplies can be purchased from AML Vet. For more information please contact the laboratory directly.

Submission of Samples

All samples must be submitted in biohazard bags with the appropriate request slip.  Samples must be collected and packed correctly for delivery otherwise may not be acceptable for testing, if unsure contact the laboratory for instructions. Please ensure that the request slip is filled out completely to avoid any delays with testing. AML Vet reserves the right to refuse to process samples if not submitted in the required manner.

For our routine Melbourne metropolitan and Geelong users, we offer a free sample pickup during business hours, Mon, Wed, and Fri. Weekend pickups for urgent submissions can be arranged upon request. For all other users, we offer sample pickup through our TOLL courier. To arrange a pickup please call 1300 724961.

Turnaround Time and Reporting of Results

All serological, microbiological and molecular tests have a defined turnaround time, refer to the service list for more information.  If required, our veterinary and microbiology consultant specialists are available for additional consultation and advice on test interpretation on, requirements for further testing and case management, including treatment options. Reports are reviewed and validated by specialist veterinary consultants and can be emailed, faxed or accessed through our web portal.


Our fees include costs for sample transportation; however, a minimum fee of $50 will apply for each submission. In addition, submissions of less than $50 will incur a $20 surcharge for sample transportation. Cost incurred for cancelled test will be passed onto the referrer. Accounts are billed following the completion of testing and reporting. Invoices are issued by email monthly and are due within 30 days of the issue date.

Address: Entrance 3, Geelong University Hospital, Bellerine Street, Geelong, Victoria 3220

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